Dorie Dahlberg

At the opening of a group show in December 2014 another exhibiting artist appealed to us to contribute to an artist cookbook. He wanted international recipes. He wanted stories to go with the recipes, specifically how we got them. He wanted artwork for each artist's page, of course. It would culminate with an exhibition. At the opening, with all the foods available for us to taste, the dishes would be celebrated by the artwork on the walls. Great idea!

I set-up my tripod, G9, and with the timer setting I photographed myself making two loaves of Limpa, a Swedish bread. I wrote the prose-slash-recipe in proper dry Scandinavian humor. Unfortunately the cookbook/exhibition never happened but the idea and these photos are still there waiting for a book. Maybe I have to put this thing together myself.

Baking Limpa: Photos for a Cookbook Concept that's Waiting to Happen