​Dorie Dahlberg

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2 Beach Towns 3 Seasons 6 Cameras

The Jersey City ProArts Salon project coincided with my return to mechanical film cameras. During the ten months my group met to discuss our work for the September 2018 exhibition, I realized that cameras & process had become my challenge. Not that imagery is secondary but while we were working toward our goal, I was searching for working vintage machines, experimenting with B&W film developers, finding a lab for color film, trying papers and producing prints. I became 'half analog,' learning to scan my negatives and post-process digitally without losing the visual aesthetic of film.

My contribution to the exhibition are 15 photos I shot during the period of our salon gatherings of two beach towns on the New Jersey shore where I live, Asbury Park and Long Branch. Both towns were once summer tourist destinations, both suffered hard times in the 1960-1980s but are making a come-back. 

​​CanonetQL17 (1965?)
Hasselblad500c (Body 1969)
Kiev6C (1971-72?)
LeicaflexSL (Body 1970)
NikonFM & Lens (1980)
Rollei35 (1966-68?)