​Dorie Dahlberg

2 Beach Towns 3 Seasons 6 Cameras

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The Jersey City ProArts Salon project coincided with my return to mechanical film cameras. During the ten months my group met to discuss our work for the September 2018 exhibition, I realized that cameras & process had become my challenge. Not that imagery is secondary but while we were working toward our goal, I was searching for working vintage machines, experimenting with B&W film developers, finding a lab for color film, trying papers and producing prints. I became 'half analog,' learning to scan my negatives and post-process digitally without losing the visual aesthetic of film.

My contribution to the exhibition are 15 photos I shot during the period of our salon gatherings of two beach towns on the New Jersey shore where I live, Asbury Park and Long Branch. Both towns were once summer tourist destinations, both suffered hard times in the 1960-1980s but are making a come-back. 

​​CanonetQL17 (1965?)
Hasselblad500c (Body 1969)
Kiev6C (1971-72?)
LeicaflexSL (Body 1970)
NikonFM & Lens (1980)
Rollei35 (1966-68?)